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About Us

In 2007, health funders in Pennsylvania came together to set priorities and facilitate collaborations in areas of shared interest and high need throughout Pennsylvania. This meeting led to the formation of the Pennsylvania Health Funders Collaborative (PHFC) in 2008.

Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD, President and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and Russell Johnson, past President and CEO of the HealthSpark Foundation, served as the Co-Chairs of PHFC since 2009. Under their leadership, PHFC has became a respected source of non-partisan information for policymakers and a strong collaborative of health funders working towards shared aims.

PHFC strives to improve the effectiveness of health funders’ initiatives by collaborating, networking, sharing best practices, and creating a unified voice among funders working in communities across Pennsylvania. 

PHFC's Leadership:

  • Ann S. Torregrossa, Executive Director, PHFC
  • Robert Ferguson, MPH, Chief Policy Officer, Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • Ann Marie Healy, Executive Director, Philadelphia Health Partnership
  • Carol Thornton, MPA, Director of Grants and Public Policy, Partnership for Better Health

PHFC Seeks to:

  • Build knowledge of current developments and intersections in health philanthropy and state health policy.
  • Enhance awareness of funders’ current grant initiatives and funding priorities to identify areas of convergence.
  • Develop networks and explore opportunities for collaborative grantmaking.
  • Leverage expertise and resources for greater impact.
  • Establish or support opportunities for shared funding for specific projects.

PHFC’s Value to Health Foundations:

  • PHFC provides a forum to obtain information about state policy.
  • PHFC develops a collaborative group of funders, especially when funders are seeing the same policy issues and needs in their communities.
  • PHFC develops a statewide, philanthropic voice to raise awareness and collaborate.
  • PHFC intersects with national health funders and policy experts

PHFC Consists of 35 Health Foundations across Pennsylvania:

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